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Superamica is primarily based in Red body ceramics for wall and floors. Exploring different decors, colours and designs, it has its own unique flavour. If this is your style, this is your factory.

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Ash Vacuum - Silver or Matt Black

Ash vacuums are used to remove the solid remains of a fire, the ashes themselves. These purpose built devices are a much better way to remove ash such as using a shovel and broom. These vacuums will not stir up dust or send fine particulate matter into the air you breathe.  Most importantly these vacuums can safely capture hot embers,  almost eliminating the risk for a burn or for inadvertently starting a fire if the cinders end up near a combustible material.


Cannon Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide is a silent and deadly killer. Protect yourself and your family with a simple battery power Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Easy to install in every room with an appliance that burn any type of flue and in landing and hall ways.

  • Up to 5 years Battery Life
  • LCD Display show particle count, ambient temperature and battery Life.
  • Memory function for CO peak count in the last 24 hours.
  • Latched battery compartment prevents installation without a battery in place.


Cannon Stove Pipe Thermomoter

This thermometer is the must have item for your stoves, ovens or pipes. Our simple yet effective device allows you to keep your heat at the perfect temperature at all times, which is important not just for your own comfort, but also for extending the lifespan of your precious stove. If the temperature is too low, creosote deposits will build up and if the temperature is too high, your stove will have a poor efficiency, so this stove pipe thermomoter is important to be able to find out the temperature and manage it easily.

Unlike a lot of other forms of heating, a wood burning or multifuel stove rarely has a readout to allow you to see what temperature your appliance is running at. This may not seem like an issue at first, however, having no way to determine how hot your stove is running could mean you are wasting fuel by over firing your stove, and more importantly, not having one could decrease the lifespan of your stove


Digital Moisture Meter Wood Firewood Timber Damp Tester

Small design, Hold function: to leave the results on screen.

  • Professional and applied moisture measure instrument
  • Measure Range: 5% to 40%.
  • Large digital LCD display.
  • High resolution and fast response, accuracy: ± 1%.
  • Date hole and can hold value.


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