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Choosing which stive.. How to make a choice

Choosing the right stove will ensure you great enjoyment and will be warm and cosy. Below are issues to consider before selecting the right stove for your home: Heat output appropriate for the room/space you want to heat. Fuel type – wood burning only or multi-fuel.

A stove is selected to meet the requirements of the customer’s needs to heat their living space. Once a decision is made to install a stove the next step is to calculate the size of the stove required. It is recommended that to heat 14 cubic meters you will require 1kw of heat, therefore a simple calculation will give you an indication of the stove output required.

Example 1:

A room 5m x 4m x 2.44m (48.8 cubic meters) /14 will require a 3.5kw Stove. This calculation is based on the room being extremely well insulated, should your room be less well insulated, or have large windows or doors then you can reduce the figure you divide by accordingly. If your room is cold or draughty, then recalculate by /10 to estimate your heat requirement.

Example 2:

A room 5m x 4m x 2.44m (48.8 cubic meters) /10 will require a 5kw Stove. It is the user’s preference to decide the amount of heat they require from their stove; however it is better by over estimating as the heat can be controlled from the stove and reduced when necessary.

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