York electric stove 2Kw


Stand the YORK electric stove beside its wood burning version and you won’t see any difference. It even has an optional spigot for attaching a dummy flue pipe. Light them up and how realistic they look.

Sit back and bask in the peaceful, flickering flames encased in cast iron.



Another distinction is the door design. Wood burning stove doors all have plain glass, but with the YORK electric you can also opt for door inserts with latticework or gothic arch designs inspired by the Minster windows.




-Cast iron construction in Metallic Black finish
-1 & 2kW heat settings
-Slimline design
-Concealed control panel behind ash door
-Optional top flue spigot
-No Chimney or fireplace required
-Thermostatic control
-Remote controlled

-Width – 465mm
-Height – 580mm
-Depth – 310mm
-Dummy flue outlet size – 125mm (5″)
-Weight – 40.3kg