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(Discontinued tiles may still be feature on our website. Sorry for the inconvenience, updates will be issued.)

The Bawn 35kw boiler is no longer available, sorry for any inconveniences.

Notice: The page about grants for pellet stoves no longer is valid from since 2012. We apologise for the inconvenience as it has evaded our eyes and has somehow turned up again. So please dismiss that page, thank you.



All palazzetti stoves we offer at woodferne

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We now have even more tiles than ever, with our new showroom we can offer you the exact tile your looking for. For a great price starting at €8.50 per square metre on all of our tiles. Wether its for your kitchen, bathroom, flooring to walls, we have it.

We can also match tiles ranges that may have previously been ended, or match tiles that you bring in. And if we can’t match it we give you 10% any tiles of your choosing.






NEW Gas & Electric stoves!


An exciting new addition to our collection, viewable in our showroom anytime. These luxury stoves don’t lose heat or their classical and contemporary designs. With easy installation you don’t have to worry about, the extra cost’s of installing and fitting a flue and chimney. And they don’t use up needless gas or electric energy, only ever being economical with it’s superb distribution of heat. giving you the warm comfort of home.





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