Pellet Information

Apart from cutting-edge design, one of the most attractive qualities about wood pellet stoves is that they have a large window at the front, allowing you to see the flames, creating a cosy, warm atmosphere. Pellet burning stoves have become very popular in recent years, and can be found in all types of situations because of their ease of use and practicality.





1. Certification: CE

2. Power: 11kw+ 

3. Thermal efficiency: 92%

4. Size:650*640*1100

5. Water:50 litre

6. Make the temperature of your home up to 20 degree

7. Heating area: 140m2

8. Hopper capacity: 25KGs


9. Model Number: WPB 005

10. Material: Cast Iron and Steel

11. Chimney diameter: 80mm

12. Heating area: 100m2

13. Hopper Capacity: 25kgs

14. Voltage: 220-230V/50HZ

15. Water heating: 30,50,80 liters



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