Pellet Stoves



The company Fair (established in 1985) is producer of pellet stoves 100% made In Italy (with all components made in Italy too).The pellet stoves are a quality and reliable product with a simple a modern design. And are new on the market for Ireland. And a great addition here at woodferne stoves.

The stoves are certified following the latest European standard (EN14785) for security and low emissions. And include their new feature, programmable for 4 starts and 4 shutdowns per day up to seven days.

Their bestselling products: Most commonly recognised of the company are their BIO stoves. Which are available in two different powers, (8 kW and 10 kW) and in the round version (10 kW).
In addition, this stove can be equipped with a special patented ionizer that purifies the air in the room in which it is installed (Known as the Healthsystem).

For a Modern and technological stove, Inspired over years of Italian expertise. This is the stove for you.


If you have any questions about these stoves, please be sure to ask us by contacting us on the website.





Colours available are Black, White and Red


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Available in Grey(Sliver), Black, White and Red


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Available in Black, Red and White


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Available in Black, White and Red


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Available in Black, White and Red


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Available in Black, White and Red


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Available in Green


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