Inset gas & electric stoves by Elign & Hall

Since the foundation of the parent company in 1963, they have successfully continued to grow from their base in North east of England.

50 years of continuous innovation and development has provided them with a collection of fires and fireplaces to suit any interior and lifestyle. Whilst adhering to their principles of elegance and simplicity.

Wether it be an electric or a gas stove, from Elign & Hall. Which ever you choose they don’t lose their style, of panoramic windows to allow you to view the LED flame within. Bringing a sense of comfort to your home, in any room you want.

They are perfectly safe and provide efficient enough heat for any room you put them into, this is because gas and electric stoves don’t require your maintenance to keep it warm. Unlike a wood burning stove. So a lower kw is enough for any room. You don’t have to worry about the LED lighting taking a huge amount of power away from the heat from the stove; only consuming just 6 watts of energy without batteries.

I wouldn’t worry about the easy installation or it’s simple operation. They provide you with remote control optional, allowing you the comfort of relaxing in bed to adjust your desired settings.

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