Below we have the exclusive bathroom items, from the company My Life Bathrooms. All of which have been included in their current product collection for 2018.

Chosen carefully; Designed and manufactured to the highest expectations for their customers, “only using the best quality raw materials”.

How can you go wrong. All without you having to go to every bathroom retailer under the sun, to find your dream bathroom for the best price.

With our new partner My Life Bathrooms as a new addition to the our family here at woodferne stoves. You can now build the bathroom you’ve always wanted with subtle modern twists. That will last you the years to come.

Because we all know the right bathroom, can make it feel like home.


If you have any enquires about them or any of their other products, please feel free to contact us. We may even be able to get it for you for a great deal.





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You will also find on this page Images of bathrooms with these items as an inspiration, for those starting a new project and unsure of what they will look like. Please contact us for feed back abut this new theme.  It would be greatly appreciated.